Reasons that Force You to Use
Tool to Extract Files from Windows Backup File

The users can get any of the possible corruption error while accessing their backup file for restoring its original contents due to heavy damage caused in the file. Sometimes, in extreme cases the users might face permanent inaccessibility of the .bkf file that restricts them from restoring data from it by any means. Hence, in such situations ensure that it is corruption error and not a false error message that arose due to operating or using the file fallaciously but when there is depravation caused to the file the user must make it a point that he is doing the right type of recovery i.e. using a software to extract files from Windows backup file that has become corrupt. In most cases, users get confused as to which is the best type of BKF recovery tool and how to find it out but to do so the users are provisioned with the must have's of a reliable and complete application program for recovering backup file of Windows data.

Erroneous Message:

Probable Issues:

The above mentioned error message states that the backup job has failed and that is why you are confronted with the error "0xe000fe36 - Corrupt data encountered". In the event viewer you will get reported with a likewise error message which states the failure of log jobs.


The suggestion says that the backup file could be incomplete and hence, shouldn’t be used further for restoration process. The users encounter the below discussed error message due to:

Get Easy Way To Extract Files from Windows Backup File

Hence, usage of software to extract files from Windows backup file is the ultimate suggestion to acquire a steadfast and safe solution as compared to backup exec because there are chances that trying to repair corrupt BKF file via manual procedures is risky and might put the data into danger. And BKF Recovery tool is one of the very few reliable tools which allow the users to repair and restore their damaged backup files at a reasonable range.